Glad you dropped by. Take your time scanning my imagesĀ and then please let me know if you feel my style of photography might benefit your commercial endeavors. If you’re just here to check out my images for fun, then grab a beverage, sit back and relax for a few minutes while you enjoy the show.

My mission is to make a living with my camera but to also change the sales format to a more low key approach. That is, if you think i can help your business grow, GREAT! Let me know and let’s get started.

Meanwhile I am here for students of the art also. Check back on a regular basis and I’ll share some of my secrets and some good tips I’ve picked up along the way in hopes that together we can help you develop a more positive frame of mind and gain the confidence that you can accomplish your personal goals in this field. Trust me when I say that you will enjoy every minute that you invest in this still ever growing art form. With today’s relentless advance of fantastic technology, hardware and software, combined with novel techniques that are being developed on a daily basis, you can become a smashing success! All that is required on your part is the desire to learn. That’s it, well that and a little blood, sweat and tears as you travel this path. Some things will come easy, some require more dedication of time and effort, but as is with any vocation, the bigger the effort, the bigger the sense of accomplishment!

Okay, I’ll slow down here. I love photography and can talk to you for hours on end, so I’ll have to pace myself. Once again, if you are here for commercial reasons, please contact me and let’s begin the process of building a successful working relationship. If you are here to admire the images, make yourself right at home, take your time, and enjoy. If you are a studentĀ or slave to the amazing world of photography, I look forward to you dropping by on a regular basis and sharing what I can.

To all of you, my thanks just for spending a moment of your life here. It’s always a pleasure. See ya soon.


Jim Robbins